Australian’s don’t really get to celebrate Halloween like other countries. Trick or Treat-ing isn’t a thing, unless your parents trust you to go out on your own, and by the time you’re allowed, you’re too old anyway.

The only time you’ll really celebrate Halloween is when you’re over 18 and the nightclubs start having themed event nights around it. Even then, you won’t really try too hard because this isn’t America and again, people don’t really care.

Although some of us want to make Halloween a thing in Australia, it’s just not going to happen – but Loz and her family decided to carve pumpkins, because what else do you do on a Tuesday night, towards the end of semester when exams and finals are looming? Nothing, really.

Enjoy the below video of an Australian fam (+ad on fam, Emily) carve up some pumpkins.

Hope you enjoyed our first ‘vlog’! Don’t forget to subscribe!


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