If you’ve got a passion for clear waters and white sand beaches, and have minimal time to travel but want to explore a number of places – then cruising is for you!

I’m someone who hasn’t explored cruising to the extreme – but I’ve definitely dabbled, and let me tell you – it’s a ball! From the food, to the places, to just relaxing in the middle of the ocean, there’s not many things that you can fault about cruising. Here are our favourite things you should know before you set sail!

  1. Don’t worry about the food!

    Trust me when we say – you’re going to be fine when it comes to food! I recommend eating in the main dining room of your ship for dinner each night, there’s just nothing like a three course meal and sitting and relaxing with your party. The main dining room is generally included in your purchase, so you really can’t go wrong! It’s usually open for breakfast and lunch too – so take advantage! The buffet on the lido deck is another great option – but can be busy and annoying when all you want to do is relax! The selection of food is amazing, but I’d limit your time here to as minimal as possible.

    You’re going to find PLENTY of other places to find food on the boat (note that some can cost you extra $$) from pizza to sushi, to coffee and then plain tasting bars. You really won’t be left without something to eat, so trust me – this is NOT something to worry about!

  2. Explore Your Ship!

    There’s plenty of things to do on board – so I definitely recommend to take the first few hours to explore the ship (because it’s not hard to get lost)! Make sure you’re familiar with your surroundings, and even figure out a meeting place between your party if you’re in separate staterooms. Chances are you’re probably going to have a favourite spot, for example a bar or show area – and make sure you’re familiar with the schedule while on board too! It would be a shame to miss out on a show or some entertainment. There’s plenty on board – so try and experience as much as you can!

  3. Take the Time to Unpack

    This is something I do and I highly recommend it to save you time later on! There’s nothing more comforting in knowing that everything is where it should be – and not having to rummage through a suitcase to find something. This makes your week at sea a million times easier, and even ensures that you don’t have things lying around everywhere for your room steward to have to tidy up.

  4.   Make sure you check Itinerary ahead of time!

    There’s very high chances that your cruise is going to have at least one formal night (if not two!), and it feels amazing dressing up in your best outfit and taking photos with your family and friends. There’s also a chance there will be theme’d nights on your cruise – so bring something fun! This is the time when you can mingle with others – so make sure you dress to impress.

  5. If you’re worried about motion sickness – prevent it ahead of time!

    I’ve seen it happen to those around me, and not just once but multiple times. I cannot reiterate more to prepare for the motion sickness. If you’re worried about it – just prevent it. Take Travacalm tablets or get the Sea Bands that you wrap around your wrists and hit your pressure points to ensure you don’t get too motion sick. You really don’t want to waste your cruise sleeping or hugging the toilet bowl. Also keep note when booking that the middle of the ship is the place that moves the least – so if you’re prone to motion sickness, be sure to book in the mid-ship in the middle to lower decks.

Although we’re not cruise experts – these are our recommendations for when you take your first cruise!



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